Paul Slack - Phoenix Rising

Press and Comments for Phoenix Rising

"Spellbinding!" - Sir Ian Holm


"PHOENIX RISING is an absorbing insight... whether miming, singing or acting, Paul Slack gives his Lawrence an immediate vitality in this excellent piece."  -  The Stage


"... Skillfully woven together..."  Bristol Evening News


"An artfully contrived and skillfully presented exploration of a refreshingly original theme... moving and sensitive."  BBC Radio


"Both actor and writer have invested Lawrence with a welcome and generous helping of loveable humour while maintaining the serious and sometimes tragic events of his life."  Guardian




"This is Lawrence the biographers have not shown us - the Phoenix before the fire - and it sends us away thinking afresh of him."   Derby Evening Telegraph


"A compact and vivid experience."  Evening Post


 "Slack's passion and determination make it difficult not to sympathise with Lawrence as he takes the audience through some of the more difficult times of his life"  Guardian


"Paul Slack gives a totally absorbing portrayal in a moving and skillfully scripted piece."  Sir Derek Jacobi


" Lawrence's frustrated relationship with his muse Jessie, as well as his confused approach to sex is portrayed with unswerving honesty by writer Campbell Kay."  Nottingham Post





In this  powerful and compelling one-man tour de force ... the script is stunning - the language both naturalistic and poetic. Every word comes freshly forged...

... Paul Slack's vitality is infectious!!   

Lawrence Society Review


"One of the most noteworthy moments of the play is when Slack takes on the character of Lawrence's father to illustrate his parent's rocky relationship. His father's alcoholism leads to him striking his mother but with his sensitive style Slack manages to create both sympathy for Lawrence's mother, and pathos for his father, as the writer looks back on their relationship with the benefit of hindsight."  Nottingham Post