Paul Slack - Phoenix Rising

The Play -

'Phoenix Rising'

1928 Ille des Port-Cros, Var France. Lawrence is only two years away from his own, untimely, death.  An unexpected letter from David Chambers, the brother of his early and influential muse Jessie (Miriam in SONS AND LOVERS) spurs Lawrence on to reminisce on his early life....aeons away!


In a series of animated snap-shots Lawrence presents the personalities and events that shaped his early life: including the stormy relationship between his parents; his own, frequently miserable, schooldays; the happiness he found with the Chambers family; his work as a schoolmaster and the beginnings of his literary career. The portrait that emerges is that of a man who is able to view his life with a mixture of pathos and good humour - not necessarily the serious persona adopted by Lawrence in his writings nor the puritan sage of his biographers. That Lawrence was a complex and contradictory figure often out of step with his background and education cannot be doubted but he was also the man whose songs and gift for mimicry enlivened gatherings at the Chambers' Farm and whose games and story-telling were so affectionately recalled by his sisters. It is this duality in Lawrence's nature which PHOENIX RISING attempts to explore.

Devised from Lawrences' early writings and the reminiscences of his family, friends and contempories PHOENIX RISING examines the author's life from his birth to the death of his mother - the period he so vividly fictionalised in SONS AND LOVERS.

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